The Secret 15 Keyboard Shortcut

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Did you know that you often use the keyboard to type the shortcut there are some secrets that can help you to better facilitate the work in typing or in using computer applications. Most computer users only know the basic keyboard shortcuts, like pressing the Control key (Ctrl) with the P key on your keyboard to print a document.

Add / save a Bookmark
Apple key
When you’re browsing you can easily save a Web page as a bookmark simply by pressing the button below.

PC: Ctrl + D
Mac: Command / Apple key (see right) + D

Delete Forever
When you want to delete a file forever ——- when you do not want to throw into the recycle bin once —– press the button below.

PC: Shift + Delete
Closing Your Browser

Whether your boss the way you approach the desk when you’re reading a gossip blog page or your husband are approaching your room where you’re shopping online gifts for him, close the browser quickly, with the following shortcut.

PC: Alt + F4
Mac: Ctrl + Q

Window buttons
Show Desktop (front view / main your computer)
If you again open many programs on your computer and you want to quickly view the front page —— your computer without having to minimize your programs one by one —– press the button below.

PC: Window buttons (see right) + D
Mac: F11

Search for files or folders in your computer
Forget where you save the file or folder when you want to search for the file. Shortcut below will help you find it.
PC: Windows key + F
Mac: Command + F
Changing the display size (zoom)
Well when you’re working on a Web page or in a program to type, size Change your view with the following buttons.

PC: Ctrl + mouse scroll wheel button
Mac: Command + plus sign; Command + minus sign
Open a browser tab that you just close your browser
Have you accidentally close the browser tab you are viewing and you take a long time to find web pages that you return the lid? Shortcut below will help you re-open a closed web pages in just a single moment.

PC: Ctrl + Shift + T
Mac: Command + Z
Moved around among all the open program
Organize all the open program will simultaneously make us confused. Make it easy to move around among all your programs with this quick trick.

PC: Alt + Tab
Mac: Command + Tab
Take a photo of our display
Take a photo from your computer screen —— normally is used for Web pages, you can easily copy or paste it.

PC: Print Screen (then paste it by pressing [Ctrol + V] in a page Word document)
Mac: Command + Shift +3

Refresh a web page
Whether you’re waiting for a new email or a recent news to be displayed on a web page, try to refresh your pages easily using the button below.
PC: F5, or Ctrl + R
Mac: Command + R

Return to the previous page in the browser
Time to try a shortcut below, which can make you can quickly look back at the web page that you opened before.
PC: Alt + ←

Mac: Command + [
Fixing Word
There should be no mistake: the perfect spelling and correct word only about one letter only.
PC or Mac: F7
Add “http://www” into the address bar of your browser

The fastest way to get to your online address is by typing the name of the address that we are going  example (type “Google”), then press the following buttons to add “http://www” to the beginning and “. Com” to the behind.
PC: Ctrl + Enter
Mac: Command + Enter

Choose Address Bar
When you want to quickly type a new URL address in your browser, shortcuts below will allow you to highlight the address bar for you, so you can start typing the address without having to work the mouse first.
PC: Ctrl + L or F6
Mac: Command + L

Show the Windows start menu
Just press this button you will easily be able to view your Start menu options.
PC: Window button, or Ctrl + Esc

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