how to fix slow Netbook

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how to fix slow Netbook/computer or laptops? There are several reasons that can cause your pc or netbook to be slow, here are five main reasons why a computer / netbook you’re having problems and how you handle it. Under review does not only apply for a netbook, but computers and laptops can be slow. please following his review

1: Infected with Virus and Spyware (software to spy)

With a computer that is always connected to the internet 24 hours continuously, destructive programs, such as viruses, Trojans, worms, spyware (software for spying activities) as well as advertising software, has become a threat to computer users. These destructive programs from breaking into your system through an unprotected internet connection, email, external media (USB / External HDD / Memory Card / SD Card infected as well as other sources. You may notice your computer has suffered some damage, and for a few moments later, you can no longer use your computer.

To prevent the infiltration of destructive programs, and clean your computer from all viruses, it is very important for you to installed security system on your computer, such as antivirus and antispyware. You should schedule this system to run the program regularly and always update the system with a new program so you also will be protected from the latest viruses.

2: The Registry is corrupted and fragmented

Registry is one of the busiest components in the Windows operating system, because it stores all information hardware, software and user configuration in it. In line with the aging of your computer, the registry will also be filled with lots of useless information, unwanted and unauthorized causing bulging registry. Bloated registry that can be easily damaged and fragmented, so it will eventually slow down your computer. To prevent this problem, you must regularly scan and clean your registry. You can use the registry cleaner that can be trusted

Reasons # 3: Hard Disk is full and Fragmented

When you create a new file, add new programs, surf the web or do the activity on your system, information will be included from your hard disk. Often, your computer activity will leave some information is left on your hard disk, in the form of files and folders the program, temporary internet files, program files are set up that is no longer needed, and other programs. The files that are not needed this will satisfy your hard disk and cause the fragmented data. To prevent this problem, you must remove the programs that are not useful in your system and use the Disk Cleanup. Also highly recommended to regularly use the Disk Fragmentation to consolidate a fragmented file so that it will reduce data access time.

4: Too Many Start up Programs

Often, when you install the program into your computer, they you add them to a shortcut in startup your computer, so that their service will automatically run when you start your machine. The program does not need this program has been using your system resources and cause the system to be slow. This is the reason why it is recommended that you turn off unwanted programs in your system startup. You can do it easily with the help of the Windows System Configuration Utility (msconfig) or using third-party startup management program that can be trusted.

# 5: Memory Systems of Little

Along with your installed new program or a more sophisticated software into your computer, your system’s hardware requirements will also increase. This is the reason why, in order to speed up your computer, you must improve your system’s performance. By doing this, you can improve your computer performance by adding system memory or RAM.

Hopefully a review that had been delivered can help you to fix a slow computer

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  1. My netbook has a blue screen, I do not know how to solve the problem.
    Can anyone recommend me. Thank you very much.

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