Did you know the founder of the value of Pi (π) ?

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The following is a review article about the founder of the value of Pi, as we know the value of Pi is a value that is often used in mathematical circle operations. Zu Chongzhi was a famous mathematician and scientist in ancient China. When I was younger, Zu Chongzhi have an interest in various fields, such as natural sciences and philosophy. In addition, he is also interested in mathematics, astronomy and engineering. Zu Chongzhi Achievement has been recognized internationally in terms of calculating the value of pi (π)

Previously, Liu Hui, mathematician at the time of the Three Kingdoms suggested ways to calculate the value of pi to the “Method of Cutting the Circle“. Based on Liu Hui and Zu study re-examined “Method of Cutting Circles” and concluded that the value of pi, through more than 1000 times the calculations, is between 3.1415926 and 3.1415927.

He also argues that the value of pi about the size of 355/133, which is called “Milu” and then push the calculation of pi into a new phase. The calculation of the value of pi by Zu Chongzhi done 1000 years earlier than the western mathematicians. Thus the value of pi is also called “Zu Lu” as a reward for his services.

In addition to achievements in mathematics, Zu Chongzhi also solve the calculation volume of a sphere. In western countries, which adopted the method of finding Zu called Cavalieri principle, which was created by an Italian mathematician named Cavalieri 1000 years later. Cavalier principle is also called the “Principle of Zu”

In his lifetime, Zu Chongzhi compile a book Zhui Shu (缀 术) which is a collection of knowledge in mathematics and later retrieved and used as teaching material during the Tang Dynasty.

In addition to achievements in mathematics, he also contributed greatly in the field of astronomy and engineering. He calculated that one year is 365 days. Zu Chongzhi train also makes a compass.

Now you know exactly who discovered the value of Pi, I hope the article was useful

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