Did you know the founder of the value of Pi (π) ?

    The following is a review article about the founder of the value of Pi, as we know the value of Pi is a value that is often used in mathematical circle operations. Zu Chongzhi was a famous mathematician and scientist in ancient China. When I was younger, Zu Chongzhi have an interest in various fields, […]

    The Secret 15 Keyboard Shortcut

    Did you know that you often use the keyboard to type the shortcut there are some secrets that can help you to better facilitate the work in typing or in using computer applications. Most computer users only know the basic keyboard shortcuts, like pressing the Control key (Ctrl) with the P key on your keyboard […]

    how to fix slow Netbook

    how to fix slow Netbook/computer or laptops? There are several reasons that can cause your pc or netbook to be slow, here are five main reasons why a computer / netbook you’re having problems and how you handle it. Under review does not only apply for a netbook, but computers and laptops can be slow. […]

    New Laptops 3D from Toshiba

    Toshiba Launches Laptops 3D Without Glasses, “In accordance with Toshiba’s slogan” Leading Innovation “, we want to lead in 3D without the glasses first laptop in the world,” said Senior Marketing Services Manager of Toshiba Singapore Tay Choon Song when it held a media conference in Jakarta on Thursday (14 / 7). Tay Choon said […]